Mac Data Recovery in X Easy Steps

Losing your personal or business documents, photos, videos and other data on your Mac (or any device for that matter) is one of the worst things that could happen in your digital life. The magnitude of this disaster cannot be overestimated. It can cause you many sleepless nights, anxiety and even panic.

In a worst-case scenario, data loss can force a business to suffer great losses or even shut down. In your personal life, losing sentimental photos and videos, or important documents such as emails, financial and medical records, contacts and addresses, a database you created, and other files is so distressing, you can’t even bear to imagine it.

But technology always finds solutions for problems like these and the only acceptable option is getting your data back. (Ideally, you should have had a backup on an external hard drive. But then again, hindsight is 20/20.) Here’s where a data recovery software comes to your rescue.

For Mac users, it’s critical that you choose a software meets your needs; first and foremost is that it functions on a Mac since many of them in the market don’t. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac has all the features you’ll need.

But before purchasing the software, you can avail of its free version and use it as a trial. It recovers 2GB data and should be good for that one-off instance when you accidentally deleted an important file or emptied the trash.

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After the trial, it’s a cinch you’ll pick the Pro edition if you have more important data to recover. The Pro edition of the EaseUS DRW for Mac will recover all the data you have lost in all formats. Another great thing about this app is, it lets you create a bootable USB drive in case your MacOS fails to boot up. The Wizard for Mac Technician edition is for agencies offering data recovery services if you’re in this business. It has a lifetime free upgrade.

The software recovers data from your Mac and from other storage media: fusion drive, USB drive, iPod and MP3, digital camera, HDD and SSD, camcorder, video player, and memory cards (SD card, CF, XD, MMC cards.) it also recovers from the Time machine backup drive and from lost partitions. The cash you paid is more than worth it considering that the software’s recovery function is not limited to the Mac’s hard drive.

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What’s more, this data recovery software can recover data in any file and supports almost all file formats. Your documents, photos, videos, music, emails and archives in different formats will be restored.

Steps to recovering your data using EaseUS DRW for Mac:

  1. Got to the EaseUS website and download the Data Recovery Wizard for Mac on your Macbook or iMac. Install and launch the app.
  2. You will see the list of drives on your screen, and you have the option to start at any level. Once you have made a selection, click Scan. The software will do a thorough sweep of the location you have chosen and begin recovering the files in there.
  3. You are given a preview of the recovered media and files. You can pick all the files that can be extracted or choose only those you want to recover. When you hit Recover Now, you have the option to recover to Local or recover to Cloud.
  4. For recover to Local, you will pick a destination drive, which can be the Mac’s hard disk or a USB stick. For Recover to Cloud, you can use any cloud service, like iCloud, Drive or Dropbox.

Anyone without technical know-how can use the software simply by following the instructions. Just launch the app, click some buttons and choose the boxes you want to be recovered and you’re done. The clean and smooth interface helps to make the software user-friendly. Further, the software maintains data integrity for your Mac and keeps your files safe and secure.

EaseUS has been in the data recovery business for 15 years. It is used by millions of people around the world and its app for Mac is the best in the field. The feature that gives a preview of the recoverable files and the option to save chosen or all files is helpful, too.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac recovers data from the following scenarios:

  • Files are accidentally deleted or trash is emptied
  • Improper formatting happens resulting in data loss
  • Partitions are lost, deleted, missing or damaged
  • System crash, macOS upgrade, malware attack, software failure, sudden power cut, etc.

Data loss is a very distressing situation and the need for data security is paramount in anyone’s head. If this unfortunate event should happen to you, remember that your go-to data recovery software for Mac is the EaseUS Wizard for Mac.

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