Mac Question Session

As I wrote over at Whitespace, I bought myself a Powermac yesterday (specs below) and am just now learning the ins and outs of OS X. I owned a Powerbook last year for about 6 weeks and never really dug too deep into the inner workings of the operating system. However, now I will be using this as my main desktop so it’s basically back to square one with computers.

Now I would like to think of myself as someone who is very knowledgeable in computers because I have been working with them since I was 6 years old. However, after playing around with the Mac there are still some things that I just don’t understand. Granted this can be trying to force Windows and Linux tendencies upon OS X and it just might now work that way.

So what I have decided to do is post a question concerning Apple, OS X, hardware, software or whatever else I can think of regularly here at FG to hopefully get some help. Sure I could do searches on the web till my fingers turned blue, but this should turn into a nice repository for future reference.


  • Dual 1.8Ghz G5
  • 1.25gb RAM
  • 80gb Harddrive
  • Nvidia 6800Ultra DDL
  • 30″ Apple Cinema Display

That’s the important stuff. Pics will come once I get the system and graphics software all straightened out.

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