Macbook Pro Upgrade (Macbook Air like keyboard)

By Jim

This is a Macbook Pro, lovely workstation.  A dream for me, and maybe when Jupiter lines up with Mars, I’ll soon upgrade from my trusty Macbook.  I’ve recently read a few blogs regarding rumors of a September release of a newer version of the Macbook Pro.  Hey, didn’t Apple upgrade it last March?  You gotta love and hate Apple for quickly doing upgrades.  I’ve been there in love and in hate periods.  Imagine I just bought the Macbook 80GB version and a month after that they released an upgrade which has 120GB HD!  (sigh)

Anyway, back to the Macbook Pro… the rumor blogs are “rumoring” :) that the new Macbook Pro version will contain Macbook Air like keyboards.  That’s just toooo cool don’t you think?  The keys would be much much easier to touch and handle PLUS it will have backlighting… that is, if the rumors would indeed be spot on.

Aside from this development are the usual upgrades in memory, HD space… the usual.

For those who’s just about to get a Macbook Pro, wait for a while if you can.

The wait is definitely worth it!

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