Macbook Air's perfect cradle

By Jim

Sure the classic “Manila envelop” stole the show at Macworld 2008.  Steve Jobs used it to drive the point that the Macbook Air is soooo thin, it’ll fit it.  There was a time too that people pressed the “buy now ” button for a “Manila envelop-like sleeve”, but I think the idea is over and done with.  Now most Macbook Air owners would LOVE to pamper their new toys with the best cradle it was meant for.

Check out ORBINO ARIA… classy!

It sells for US$500+, and why wouldn’t it be?  These handcrafted Italian pieces are made with vegetable-tanned fine Tuscan leather.  Perfect for your Macbook Air.  It’s plush leather with color options provide beauty, while the anodized aluminum aircraft-grade frame, the same kind used on the metallic Apple iPod covers, provides protection and added beauty.

Funny, but everytime a friend brings his macbook air and checks it out between flights in airports, he’d always get the usual ooohhhss…. and aaaahhhhsss…. I think if he gets this case those would be louder even if the Macbook Air hasn’t shown up yet. :)

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