MacRecipes: How to Be Like MacGyver

Children of the 80s – how many times have you imagined yourself to be the MacGyver of your world, dashing into a volatile situation that seems hopelessly lost, only to save the day with your ingenuity? How many times have you sat there for seemingly endless hours thinking of ways to use duct tape and some coat hangers to solve a problem? Or maybe you’re more into using combinations of chemicals to create an impressive explosion?

I find it sad that children and teens of today mostly have no clue as to who MacGyver is. Or if they do, they don’t really grasp just how amazing that unassuming guy was and what he stood for.

The good news is that there are still people left in this world who know very well just who MacGyver is, and they embarked on a project that will help you relive those glory days – maybe even introduce them to the younger generation.

Enter MacRecipes. ((MacRecipes)) Never mind that it may remind you of mac and cheese, or even something related to the magical devices also known as iPads. This site will give you hours and hours of nostalgic moments, and hours and hours of your own be-like-MacGvyer time.

Need to know how to make fake blood? You’ll find it in Recipe 199, which is taken from Episode 66. Going on a desert trip and want to make sure you can find electrical power in case of an emergency? Check out Recipe 90. All of these recipes are labeled by episode, and you even get a short summary. (You’ll definitely yearn for the TV series again.)

Not all the recipes have clear instructions – that’s the only disappointing thing, but then again, maybe that’s where your inner MacGyver has to come into the picture. After all, he would want you to figure out some things for yourself!

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