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If you own a Wii but you’re annoyed at the lack of adult titles, perhaps Mad World (developed and published by Sega) will fit just what you’re looking for.  Well, that’s only if you’re looking for an ultra-violent, ultra-gory roaming kill-a-thon.  You see, Mad World is a bit Manhunt meets Sin City.  What I mean by that is it has the comic book looks, but there’s also seething violence just waiting to be unleashed.

If you’ve seen the trailer you might have spotted the man impaled by a roadsign.  Failing that, there’s the section with the character being slammed into a row of spikes?  For kids it ain’t, that’s for sure.  Granted, this sort of graphic violence means it definitely isn’t for children, but the dark humour could well mean that it is a must have title for those who want to play on the Wii when the kids go to bed.

The main character in Mad World (Jack) comes equipped with a variety of melee weapons with which to dish out the damage.  Simply swinging the chainsaw for instance with the Wii-mote will be enough to get it to start thrashing about, dismembering anyone unfortunate enough to be close.

The same goes for the other weapons, so the method of interaction looks to be very satisfying.  Aside from this, there are various combinations you can use for unarmed combat, along with context-sensitive movements based around the environment.  Aside from the main combat, there are some minigames to complete such as Man Darts, where you get to fling men down the arena with a bat, scoring points just as in darts.

Will Mad World be a one trick pony, expressly released to shock?  Will it find a home on the family friendly Wii?  All these questions will be answered when the game is released in March 2009.

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