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With the Easter Weekend launched upon us, there’s plenty of time to catch up on our reading, so I thought I would make time to have a look at the shelves, and make a recommendation that I have not mentioned before.

One title that I have not paid much attention to so far is Avengers Academy, but the recent two issue arc featuring the return (again) of Korvac (the cyborg from the future Guardians of The Galaxy era) and the Collector’s daughter Carina, drew heavily from the very original Avengers/Korvac arc, yet maintained its own independence. With the smattering of continuity as a backdrop, the central characters really came to the fore. Truth be told, I thought the title was formulaic at best when announced, but there has been some great character development with Tigra and Speedball (about time), a little with Henry Pym and some very interesting plays off of Quicksilver’s history.

The kids however, until now? Not so much. There was little to distinguish them from any other ‘OMG! I have a dangerous power that might kill me’ style teenagers that we have seen in titles over the last thirty years. Finally, they are beginning to be fleshed out.

It’s a shame that a lot of the Initiative characters seem to have fallen by the wayside in favour of these, and I also have yet to take Reptil seriously. Quicksilver is another matter. When it comes to his character development, he has so much promise, and so much history; yet frequently I feel that writers are a little hands off with him. I don’t deny that he makes an excellent foil with which to bounce comments from, his acerbic jibes and superior attitude can lead to some hilarious observations. Yet prior to Son Of M, he was more stuck as Crystal’s ex-husband who was a little bit nutty (ok, a lot nutty) for years. Avengers The Children’s Crusade plays him as the resentful son of Magneto. Yet we know all of these facets, the biggest thing that happened in his life seems to be that his daughter knew he was lying about being replaced by a Skrull before the Secret Invasion. Now, I don’t want that secret to come out, I want to see him deal with it emotionally.

Where is his drive for redemption? It was made plainly obvious that he felt shame in the early days of the Thanos Imperative. Yet his in-laws and daughter are now a galaxy away. If he is so bothered about Wanda, surely he should be twice as bothered about Luna?

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

During Easter, we are led to think about the concept of rebirth. Well, if there is any character deserving of setting foot on that path, it must be Pietro Maximoff.

After all, if his father can do it, surely he should do it better.

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