Dr. Stone has managed to create an interest in science among the fans, but the series itself took inspiration from the Dragon Quest video game for one of its major storylines.

The Dr. Stone manga was released in 2017 and was serialized into an anime in 2019. Since then, fans have been curious to find out how Senku Ishigami will restore civilization with the power of science. To make sure the storyline resonates with the audience, author Riichiro Inagaki ensured that he was able to easily explain the scientific terminologies to his audience.

Dr. Stone’s storyline was inspired by the Dragon Wuest video game

In a 2019 interview, Inagaki confessed that the idea of petrification came from the Dragon Quest video game. Fans would know that petrification has been an important part of the storyline as it focuses on the restoration of humanity by turning them back into living beings from statues.

He was also focused on building a storyline where an average person took charge of things and saved mankind rather than a superhero. He said: “For the average person to accomplish something, you need to keep working and build up towards whatever your goal is. I think that’s cool, and wanted to write about that.”

“I started wondering, “What’s a cool way to portray that average person working hard for their goal?” To amplify that idea of not being able to do anything was the idea of petrification; when you’re petrified, you can’t do anything. But you can count on that situation. That’s what the main character, Senku does. He embodies the idea of working diligently by counting for a couple of thousand years.”

How Dr. Stone’s two creators work together

Inagaki, the writer of the story, has been working with Boichi, the illustrator for the manga for a long time. One would think it would be difficult to bring the idea to life with two people working on different things, but the duo has managed to do a tremendous job.

Inagaki explained that once he has an idea about a character he draws a rough sketch of it and sends it to Boichi. The manga illustrator then proceeds to make a couple of changes to ensure that the design is perfect.

However, Boichi noted that his job is not too hard as Inagaki manages to draw all the crucial details as well. He said: “Inagaki-sensei said what he gives is simple but that’s not true. I’m thinking, “Wow, this is already complete, perfect. So what can I do? Maybe I can just submit it?” But then I won’t be paid. So I make some little subtle changes and add my own stylistic changes, too. However, he does everything.”

What to expect from Season 3 Part 2

Season 3 Part 2 of the anime is going to conclude with the Treasure Island arc of the manga. With episode 12 being titled ‘The Kingdom of Science Strikes Back’ one can expect Senku and his team to revive other people as well.

Up until now, they have managed to invent cameras, a radio-controlled drone, wireless headphones, and even crop rotations. Seeing their growth, fans can expect many more interesting inventions in Part 2.

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