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Make the TV of your Dreams Curl Up and Disappear!

Have you ever wanted a nice, big, 65 inch, super-thin 4K television, but thought it looked too gaudy above your fireplace in one of your mansions? Or maybe it was too far away from the foot of your massive king sized bed, so you wish there was a way for it to be closer, maybe in the middle of the room, without constantly bumping into it every time when you make a quick early morning total darkness dash to the bathroom? (or is that just me?)

What I told you that you that there’s a TV out there that you could just make… DISAPPEAR?! Or more accurately, roll up into a box, completely out of view, whenever you aren’t using it? And you don’t need to hang it on a wall or hide it in a cabinet.

Well, have I got a TV for you! Take a gander at the LG Signature OLED R television that rolls up into its own stylish base when deactivated, essentially making it invisible when not in use. It’s a solid screen (sort of), but it’s also rollable. Who needs walls anyway?

LG (Life’s Good), among others, have been talking about this kind of rollable TV for years as phone makers kept talking about folding phones. LG debuted this beauty way back in 2019 and showed it off (virtually) at CES 2021 with the video above. But only just this week, they’ve finally announced that it’s available for sale in the United States on

For only $100,000 USD.

To be fair, with all new, innovative technology debuts, the prices do tend to start high. The first 4K televisions that currently sell for around $400 at Walmart these days sold for at least 5 figures when they were first introduced and were limited to only a handful of wealthy early adopters with connections. Same for the 1080p HD televisions before that, along with a host of other big name entertainment products and appliances that push boundaries. Will televisions like this ever reach the mass market and sell for a fraction of the current price? Probably, but considering the technology involved, they will probably not measure up in quality compared to this baby.

Besides just rolling up and tucking away in an assuming grayish cabinet, it’s got a Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound system blasting through 100W 4.2 channel speakers and a webOS and ThinQ AI interface that allows hands-free voice control. But one of my favorite things about this TV is that you don’t have to use it to watch TV. Maybe you just want to listen to music. The screen then partially rolls out of its base to create just enough of a screen interface that will allow you to see images and colors that pulse with the music. Or at least that’s what it seems to be doing in the video above where a woman has this finely crafted item sitting next to her pool while she takes a leisurely dip.

As for the screen (again, it rolls up!), this single sheet of apparently very flexible glass has got a self-lighting 4K OLED picture with perfect blacks, intense color, and infinite contrast powered by an a9 Gen 4 AI Processor with AI Picture Pro/Sound Pro. I mean, I love an amazing high end TV (I’ve drooled over my share at CES over the years) and even I don’t know what that means, but I’m sure it’s good. I’d expect nothing less from the people who put it together and for that price. Regardless of the many extra features, it’s the screen that will always be the main talking point. And it’s that screen that makes me live in hope of someday experiencing it face to face, preferably in my own living room or really any one of the entertainment rooms in my seaside mansion. Why settle for less?

All images: LG

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