Make Biofuel From your Leftover Beer

Reading the title of the entry, you wou would think ‘Why would I do that, I never have beer leftovers! And although I only very rarely drink beer I must agree with that. But the folks at E-Fuel claim that regular household sugar or even beer can generate lots of biofuel with their E-Fuel 100.

For a staggering $9.995 (local tax credits may make the item more interesting).

As a collaboration with a brewery in Sierra Nevada has shown, the E-Fuel 100 is more geared at companies than your average household.

The brewery Chico produces 1.6 million gallons of unusable ‘bottom of the barrel’ beer yeast waste yearly and will have in enough of E-Fuel microrefineries in place in Q2 2009 to power Sierra Nevada’s entire fleet of delivery trucks as well as hundreds of cars in Central Valley.

The MicroFueler weighs about 200 pounds and hooks up to a 110- or 220-volt power supply and wastewater drain just like a washing machine. Depending upon the cost of electricity and water, company founder Quinn claims the MicroFueler can produce ethanol for less than $1 a gallon.

“You just open it like a washing machine and dump in your sugar, close the door and push one button,” says Quinn. “A few days later, you’ve got ethanol.”

E-Fuel 100 datasheet

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