Making Comics in a New World?

The two biggest and most important comic markets are Japan’s Mangas and comic book Super Heroes from the USA. They have inspired many people and have become a huge part of culture in their native lands and around the world.
But what about the little guys? Web comics have become an outlet for comic book fans, artists and story tellers around the world who pour their hearts onto inexpensive websites, offering you, the reader,  fresh ideas and a chance to see the world from a different perspective.
That’s where we come in.
Christopher Columbus left his homeland in search of a new spice trading route and what he found was a new world.  Now we want you to to join an amazing quest, over seas to a hot tropical island in the Caribbean which Columbus named  “La Hispaniola”.
“La Hispaniola” divides into two parts , Haiti, which is the side of the island that Spain ended up negotiating over to France, and the Dominican Republic which is the part that Spain kept. 
Yes, in general, we dance merengue, use maracas and spend a lot of the time partying. And no, in general, Dominicans do not love hot sauce and spicy foods.  Being in the middle of the Caribbean and as a result of a lot of cultural mixing, we’re full of flavor, color and interesting cultural traits that you wont find anywhere else.
There’s a lot of interesting folklore and myths that lurk in the back of our subconscious thanks to family members, fresh out of the farmlands, that decided it would be a good idea to tell us stories that filled us with fear while we grew up. like the Stories of the “Baca”, which is basically the devil incarnate who you can make wishes to but will take your soul if you don’t feed it of disobey it, or the “Chupacabra” which you might have heard of, or “La Ciguapa” a beautiful woman that walks with he legs backwards and eats men that get lured by her.

The two on the left are Diablo Coguelos from the Carnivals the one on the right was inspired on them.

We’re a group of Dominican Animators who want to make a comic. One  problem: People don’t like to read here, not even comics! There is a small group of people that read Manga in the country but, on the other hand, there is a large group that loves to watch Anime series.  Dragon Ball Z was a major hit.  The day that Goku was going to change into a super saiyan, college Teachers suspended classes so everyone, themselves included, could go to the local colmado (bodega), drink beer and cheer on Goku kicking some freeza butt.
“The Boy with the Rusty Sword” is our webcomic. It was originally going to be one animated short, but because we wanted to tell the whole story we decided to make it a webcomic to introduce the story to the international public and later grab parts and make animated shorts (And possibly a videogame. YAY!).
We’re trying to change the industry and the artistic community in the Dominican Republic which has been forced into  only working for ad agencies and call centers to survive.
We’ve launched our project on Kickstarter, so that we’re able to collect enough funds to hire local artists to help us, translate it into more languages and print the comic! We hope to to open a little door for change in the Dominican entertainment industry. You can follow our stuggles and accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter . Also check out the comic for free at: 
Thank you ForeverGeek for the opportunity for this guest post and reach out to your community. You can help check out their ForeverGeekStore with loads of cool Kickstarter-generated stuff. (Very cool!)
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