Some say Fallout 4 is the toughest game in the series, offering little respite from the constant attacks by overpowered creatures and raiders and mutants of all shapes and sizes. But outside of the Super Mutant Behemoth MoFo’s and Deathclaws, few things in Fallout are scary. Mostly you are fighting bugs and stuff. Stuff being raiders with baseball helmets and shit like that on. The ghouls are a LITTLE scary first time you play 3, but outside of that, fairly common bad guy fodder.

But (and there is always a but)….

What happens when one very creative modder takes the creature sizes and ups by 100’s of percents? You get a game that is pretty much on par with any Souls’ game for how daunting every single enemy suddenly seems. The Commonwealth goes from a place that is a little creepy to a place that is pretty much the video game equivalent of Kong Island.

Those little crabs and bugs go from being pesky side-enemies to be towering bosses hell bent on your destruction. And while some may see this and be like “Aw HELL No”, sometimes going at a game you love with a new mod that changes it can make it a whole new experience worth experiencing again.

Please note, not sure this is even a mod. Cannot seem to find info, even here.


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