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The more I see of Man of Steel, the more excited I get. Feast your eyes on the incredible visuals from the film's latest trailer, with these 130+ screengrabs.

The more I see of Man of Steel, the more excited I get. Feast your eyes on the incredible visuals from the film’s latest trailer, with these 130+ screengrabs.

An early scene on Krypton featuring Russell Crowe as Jor-El

War on Krypton.

Russell Crowe as Jor-El


A strange, insect-like ship on Krypton.

Baby Kal-El.

Jor-El and his infant son.

Ayelet Zurer as Kal-El’s mother, Lara Lor-Van.

Baby Kal-El’s ship is prepared for its voyage to Earth.

Kal-El’s ship?

Jor-El bids farewell to his son.

Kal-El’s ship streaks toward Earth.

And now the action shifts to Kansas…

Young Clark Kent.



Young Clark gets his first look at the ship that brought him to Earth. Seeing some fascinating designs on all of the Kryptonian stuff. Very different aesthetics than previous interpretations.

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. Methinks he might just be an inspired choice.

Dylan Sprayberry as teenage Clark Kent.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent.

Is this the first time Clark enters the Fortress of Solitude?

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what we’re looking at. The outside of the Fortress, maybe?

Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

I like the idea of Lois tracking down this pre-Superman guardian angel that keeps saving people all over the world — and then disappearing.

Before he becomes Superman, Clark is a drifter, unsure of his place in the world. Here he finds work on a fishing boat.

This looks like a job for…

…shirtless and ripped not-yet-Superman!

Big flexing.

More flexing.

A Kryptonian key, perhaps?

A proper look at the outside of the Fortress. I’m noticing a lot of circles in the Kryptonian aesthetics.

That’s a CGI cape, don’t you think?

Superman breaks the sound barrier.

Loving the ultra-realistic/slightly gritty cinematography. This movie looks nothing like Superman Returns.

Kinda cool that Superman makes contrails.

Any guesses what this is?

So it looks like… When the U.S. first finds out about Superman’s existence, they attack him. In what’s probably Smallville.

The frames before and after this one don’t show it, but this one clearly shows a person in the flames. Hmm.

This is the part of the movie where Superman parts the Red Sea.

Kryptonians come to Kansas.

Michael Shannon as General Zod. Quite a maniacal look there in his eye.

Zod surveys Metropolis.

Like Superman II, it looks like this story begins with General Zod and his underlings being arrested by their fellow Kryptonians.

That’s definitely not Superman.

Looks like the Kryptonians are firing on Metropolis.

Can’t tell if this is Zod or someone else.

I think Henry Cavill looks more like Clark Kent in this still than in any other part of the trailer.

The army fires on Superman…

Superman starts to flee the line of fire…

But doesn’t quite make it.

This most likely comes after the confrontation in Smallville. I’m guessing Superman allows himself to be arrested to keep the Army from destroying his hometown.

General Zod’s battleship towers over Metropolis.

One more shirtless glimpse for the ladies.

Actress Rebecca Buller is rumored to be playing a gender-flipped Jimmy Olsen, now named Jenny. That’s Laurence Fishburne next to her as Perry White.

You know Amy Adams is going to knock Lois Lane out of the park.

Oh yeah. The spark is already there between them.

Harry Lennix as General Swanwick and Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton.

Can’t help noticing we haven’t yet seen one single photo of Clark Kent in reporter mode. Might Man of Steel abandon the whole “secret identity” thing altogether?

This brawl in the sky between Superman and (probably) Zod looks cool.

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