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These Marvel 'Civil War' Heroes Stole the Show

They did it, even after the train wreck that was DC’s Dawn of Justice, Marvel did it. They saved the comic book movie when it needed it most. Right when we all thought we had seen the best we could with Deadpool and the worst we could in DC’s Dawn of Justice, we get the perfect comic movie to make us stay in love with the genre. From the organic banter between all heroes to the insane, airport fight scene, Civil War had the best of us geeking out with delight, But, Civil War was a massive movie with many stars and memorable performances. So the real question here is, which Marvel Civil War heroes completely stole the show?

There were three in particular we need to talk about here, and you ALL already know the three heroes I am about to talk about…



I like Paul Rudd a lot, as most people do. But like most people, I had my doubts about how well he would fit into the Marvel cinematic u. Though his stand-alone Ant-Man movie was enjoyable, Ant-Man shined WAY harder in Civil War than he did in his own movie. From no one knowing who he was to the (SPOILER) amazing scene where he went full Giant Man (please note the word ANT is still in the word GIANT) and then shrinking down to fuck with Stark’s armor from the inside, and then telling Stark he was his conscience. How cool was that?!

It was all brilliant and showed us a lighter side of Marvel (outside of Guardians of the Galaxy). Hell, even Rudd being unsure of his place in the team itself was meta and genius. Safe to say that is an Ant-Man that will grow on us all.

No, literally. I meant literally cuz he grows giant and stuff.

Black Panther


So few people are aware of Black Panther and that, alone, speaks of race relations in our country still and how far we have yet to go. Existing in the comics since the 60’s, Black Panther was ALWAYS Batman levels of cool, but no one seemed to observe and respect that. First of all, richer than Stark and Wayne combined (T’Challa owns and runs Wakanda and is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 billion to 90 trillion dollars).

His outfit is frigging insanely cool looking, and he is the strong, somewhat silent type who speaks more with his actions than mere words. Played with amazing gusto by Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther stole every single scene he was in (when the other two on this list weren’t stealing them, that is) and got a good many people excited about his forthcoming solo movie.

Speaking of Marvel Civil War heroes who landed a spin-off, don’t think I forgot about our friendly neighborhood….



About fucking time! Jesus. 30 years, 5 sub par movies released (with at LEAST five more Spider-man scripts fully written and scrapped as well) Marvel finally nailed the proper tone for Spiderman. A young, somewhat snarky and insecure kid who just so happens to fall into great power (and ultimately, great responsibility as well. Wow, they should use that as a catch phrase or something, it works really well here).

To understand just how good Tom Holland was as Spidey is to understand that he was alone in a room with Robert Downey Jr, and somehow, Holland stole the show. He played everything we know Peter to be. Innocent, pensive, but not a push-over. Granted, hot Aunt May was a little weird, but screw it, AILF. Aunt I’d like to fu…rget it.

Also, Spidey’s scenes at the airport were just as perfect as that first introduction. While we may have been scared when we first heard about the new Spiderman: Homecoming movie, I think most of us are just pumped up now. Well played, Marvel.. Most sequels suck but most of yours are getting better and better. Thank you for that and please, keep it up.

Speaking of superheroes who need to keep it up….

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