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Iron Man, Spiderman, and other characters as samurai on shirts

The samurai, Japan’s medieval warriors, look so cool in their armor that it is always tempting to imagine known characters in their likeness. So here are some samurai-themed shirts from PopUpTee doing just that with some select heroes and villains from Marvel and DC.


Shogun, or military dictators in the samurai era, can be ruthless. That makes this version of Thanos works, with the Infinity Stones incorporated on his helmet.

Iron Man

Red pretty much stands out on the battle field, and Tony Stark’s glowing arc reactor on his chest makes it look more intimidating. In the samurai battlefield, that’s what you want your opponents to fear.


This Spidey Shogun design looks more like foot soldier Spidey, with the lack of an ornate design. Or maybe it’s just the red on black. But if you’re a Spider-Man fan, this looks cool anyway.


Marvel’s double katana-wielding mercenary looks cool in this design, with a halo of bullets completing the look. The samurai look like warriors of a few words, but a talkative shogun could probably change the tide of battle.


The Bat Shogun design looks like it belongs to the samurai era indeed, since helmets are meant to scare or intimidate your foes. The human-bat mask completes the look, and similar face covers are actually found on real samurai headpieces.


Joker’s color scheme is quite uncommon in actual samurai helmet designs. But this rendition works for the clown prince of crime.

Kenshin Himura

Aside from comic book characters in samurai form, PopUpTee also features designs of your favorite samurai characters. First up is this simple Kenshin Himura design. Even if he is technically not a samurai, his face definitely pops up in our heads when we talk about fictional Japanese swordsmen.

Samurai Jack

The classic Cartoon Network story of time-displaced Samurai Jack has endeared a TV viewers. This design is a minimalist take on Samurai Jack faces of with long-time foe Aku.

Meanwhile, this Starry Samurai design channels Van Gogh’s classic in portraying the show’s main and recurring conflict.

Classic Samurai

To cap off the list, we leave you with the classic rendition of a samurai. The watercolor look gives it a more genuine feel, and is as close as you can get to putting an actual photo on the shirt. But an artwork looks much better on a shirt, yes?

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