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Why We're Looking Forward to the Venom Movie

For a lot of ’90s kids, anti-heroes are probably what welcomed us to the world of comic books. Who could forget Spawn, Deadpool, and of course, Venom, the alien symbiote? Now, for Venom, who is actually getting his own Venom movie, the character’s allegiance in the Marvel universe is… murky, to say the least. The fact that his most popular host, Eddie Brock, hates Spider-Man with a vengeance, makes Venom’s relationship with the good guys quite complex.


Luckily, Spider-Man seems to be nowhere in sight in the upcoming Venom movie 2018. The white spider insignia was not even present in the trailers. Still, Venom getting is own movie is sure to make a lot of fans excited since it is different while still being a Marvel Venom movie. We are also excited about it and have laid out our own reasons why so. Without further ado, here is why we are looking forward to the upcoming Venom movie:

1. Tom Hardy, ’nuff said

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So we have a complex anti-hero who has a lot of conflicts. How do you set him up for his own movie? Well, you get Tom Hardy, one of the most notable method actors in the film industry right now. Hardy himself is no stranger to playing a complex supervillain-type character in superhero movies. As many of you can recall, his performance as the highly dangerous Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” was quite commendable. Bane is also known as a highly intelligent yet hulking man, at least with his experimental green serum that gives him super strength and size which is called… Venom. Lovely coincidence there courtesy of both Marvel and DC.


Of course, apart from superhero movies, Hardy also has quite a nice portfolio with dynamic roles ranging from suave doppelganger in “Inception” to a hardened nihilistic inmate in “Bronson.” Without a doubt, Hardy has the acting skills to pull off both Eddie Brock and Venom.

2. He’s the anti-hero we need and deserve

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Let’s face it, Marvel has been churning out a lot of superhero movies lately and they have mostly been goody-two-shoes types. A lot of them were ideal guys which boy scouts could look up to. So we actually need something that is both dark and still kinda saves the day, something different. So far we have had two Deadpool movies, and while he is an anti-hero, even he does not take himself seriously.

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So it’s high time someone (or something) like Venom comes along and destroys people’s expectations of what a protagonist should be. Venom is someone who kids will not be lining up to for autographs even if he saved them. However, Venom was not always like this. In the comic books, he was friendly when he combined with Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man. Parker rejected him afterward and he fused with Deadpool (crazy huh?) and that messed up the symbiote’s psyche, that is when he became a morally ambiguous anti-hero. It was only until after Venom bonded with Eddie Brock that he tiptoed the lines of being an anti-hero and a villain since Brock hated Parker for ruining his career. Still, while Venom is violent and has no morals, Brock does and constantly wrestles with Venom to somehow still do what is right. That is what makes the duo so awesome.

3. His own solo movie and a chance for redemption

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This Venom movie will undoubtedly wash our palates clean after the premature and disastrous Venom from “Spider-Man 3” back in 2007. This time around, the Venom origin story is expected to be fleshed out and more intimate than ever before. Because something like this below being caused by Venom nearly killed off Tobey Maguire’s career:


However, whether Spider-Man will be present in “Venom” or not still remains to be seen. The absence of the spidey insignia in Venom’s chest kinda set things in stone and even the director Ruben Fleischer implied that the web-slinger will not be present in the movie. Still, that does not mean Peter Parker will be absent. After all, he is what made Venom, well, Venom. So it is interesting how they will pull it off with Venom being in his own contained universe.

4. Awesome source material

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Apparently, based on the trailer and the statements of the filmmakers, the Venom movie will be adapting the storyline of “Venom: Lethal Protector.” There, the anti-hero decides to flee to San Francisco and fight for the weak and forgotten. Of course, he will be struggling to do so since Brock and Venom are not exactly on the same page regarding morals.

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The movie will also apparently stay true to the spirit of the Venom comics, where there are no heroes and most of everything is usually a grey area. Much of this is owed to the Jekyll and Hyde relationship between Brock and Venom, all in all, no good or bad, just people with motivations and goals.

5. Venom is a worthy contender against Spider-Man

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We did mention earlier that the Venom symbiote initially bonded with Peter Parker and got rejected right? The symbiote still kept what most of Spider-Man was capable of, meaning he could also shoot out a black organic substance-thingy which he uses like Spidey’s webs. Oh, and he can also crawl on walls and is strong and agile with enhanced reflexes. Because of his bonding with Spider-Man before, Venom actually does not register on his spidey senses, probably why Spider-Man is absent in “Venom,” he couldn’t detect the guy.

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Both Venom and the current host Brock also have a burning hatred for Parker. He’s like a Spider-Man if you take out the “friendly” and the “neighborhood” and replaced the spider with a black widow or a tarantula. Venom also has more reasons to hate Spider-Man compared to the web-slinger’s other villains.

6. Potential entanglement with Spidey

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While it is rather sad that Spider-Man might not be present in “Venom,” there is a chance that he might be there in the future movies. After all, Hardy is signed up for three movies, so one can expect that he will be playing Venom two more times. However, follow-ups to “Venom” that could potentially include Spider-Man will probably only be possible depending on how well the first movie does in the box office.

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Meanwhile, director Ruben Fleischer did say that he is interested in seeing a fight between Spider-Man and Venom, since those two are basically either side of the same coin. At some point in the future, Fleischer believes that it could and should happen. Otherwise, a lot of fans of both Spider-Man and Venom would be disappointed.

“Venom” is just a few more weeks away and hits the theatres on October 5.

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