Marvel Vs. DC: Who Will Own 2016?

There has been a massive battle going on between fans of two comic publishers for years. Much like the PC vs Console debate, the Marvel Vs. DC debate has raged for ages. The funny thing is, if you talk to most true fans of comics, they appreciate all the publishers and the different flavors they bring to the table. But for the sake of an article let us ask: who will own 2016 when it comes to the cinematic universe? Marvel vs DC, with both companies dropping some massive movies in the forthcoming year.

So which of the two companies looks like it will be owning the 2016 cinematic year? I think the most astute of us already know the answer to that. Let’s compare and contrast some forthcoming Marvel movies with some forthcoming DC movies and decide, once and for all.

Keep in mind, this is all in good fun. We appreciate the genre as a whole.

Marvel Starts Strong with Deadpool


Marvel is coming out swinging THIS WEEK with Deadpool. And the good news? It is actually f*cking good! Told you guys. Seems the balance between violence and comedy in the movie hits the perfect chord and that Reynolds does a fantastic job as the self-deprecating hero with an inability to shut up.

The worst part is, this will be Marvel’s best movie this year. Besides this we have Civil War, which does look good but looks REALLY watered down from the comic (which was a LITERAL Civil War between ALL the Marvel characters). And the new X-Men just looks meh. Honestly, they don’t treat that series as well as they should.

So this leads us to DC

Batman Vs Superman Vs Doomsday Vs Lex Luthor Vs Wonder Woman


Um, yeah. There was a time when this was the comic movie I was most stoked for. Then I saw Doomsday and Eisenberg doing his best Joker impression and I was just sickened. A whole movie based around a beef with Superman and Batman would have rocked. Looks like director Snyder is just trying to pull the next Spiderman 3 and have WAY too many stories going on in one movie for any of them to work.

Also, Batman has a fucking gun at the end of that trailer. Sorry guys, Batman wielding guns and Superman breaking necks is just not DC. I like gritty but not when it feels forced like this does.

Also, that “I thought she was with you” line about Wonder Women is some AWFUL, inexcusable writing. Seriously. Big fail there. What, did you let the internet write the script? Sounds like it.

But DC Has An Ace up Their Sleeve called The Suicide Squad


Deadpool may snatch up the R-Rated superhero action for the beginning of the year, and it may be awesome, but Suicide Squad is the movie to beat this year when it comes to comics. While Dawn of Justice looks like it wants to be everything to everyone, Suicide Squad looks like it is staying true to the comic, looks dark as hell, and just seems to be the comic movie that straight up looks the most badass this year.

It also introduces us Batman fans to a new version of The Joker. And while many of us obsessed over Heath Ledger’s genius portrayal, I can already tell you, Jared Leto is going to bring a psychotic manic energy to the madman we have never seen before. It will be very different, but people are going to be just as appalled and scared and drawn to this version, just watch.

On top of that, we get a Harley Quinn origin story, which is what many of us have pined for on-screen for some time. Add to that the rest of the cast, the awesome fucking trailers, the use of Queen music in new trailer, and the fact that it looks twisted (at one point, they do a heist and Leto’s Joker goes to the heist dressed as Batman) will have us ALL filling the seats this year, just you watch.

So the Winner Is…


Deadpool will start the year strong for Marvel and will be the Deadpool movie we all want, but outside of that, Civil War and the new X-Men will offer nothing we haven’t seen before from Marvel. Meanwhile, DC introduces almost its entire justice league in one movie and then gives their best bad guys their own movie, too.

Sorry Marvel, you been owning the silver screen for years now, but looks like DC is stomping in hard this year. Now we just need a Deadpool Vs Batfleck movie to make us REALLY happy.

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