Master Sword-fighting with your Wii

In the latest years gaming consoles have become more “interactive” than ever. And that field has been particularly interesting in the last couple of years with the release of consoles like the Nintendo DS and the Wii, and gaming accessories from titles like Samba de Amigo and Guitar Hero which “tie” us closer to the game than ever before. As predicted by many gaming reporters, the visual quality of our games has reached a point where the market finds even the lowest quality ones (in visual terms) as good as the best looking ones. Gameplay, and fun, has never been such a strong selling point as it is now.

So it’s no wonder that after “teaching” bowling, tennis, ping-pong, golf and etc, that some game would teach us how to yield a sword, since the first game that made that attempt ended up being a bit of a disapointment.

Ninja Reflex is another one of those titles that will try to make the use of the motion-sensitive controls the whole basis of the game, rather than using it in the same way that Mario Galaxy did to add something different to the gameplay, other than becoming the way the game works exclusively. The game seems interesting because it remains in small environments at all times, like Mario, and therefore the graphics end up looking better than most Wii titles.

Rather than being an exclusive sword fighting game, it will also teach you how to use other ninja accessories like the ever-popular Shurikens and Nunchakus. Hopefully the Nunchaku exercises won’t involve doing the “real” movements with your Wii-controller and the nunchuk, otherwise more televisions will certainly get shattered screens, regardless of how strapped the controller is or how protected it is.

The game will be released next month so we won’t have to wait for too long to find out how good, or bad, it is.

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