Mazinger Z vs. Devilman: Review

Thought I’d chime in today with something a little different. Any of you fans of Mazinger Z (AKA Tranzor Z) or any of you fans of Devilman (like myself) may have heard of this animated film made way back in the 70’s. Two of Go Nagai’s most well-renowned characters meet for the first, and so far as I know, only time. The film has never been released in America, and from what I can tell, probably never will.

So if you’re at all curious about this classic anime crossover,

check out my full review for details!

Dr. Hell (Dr. Demon in the US) is up to his usual tricks, trying time and again to defeat the giant robot, Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z), and take over the world. Dr. Hell sends a troop of evil robots to attack Mazinger and Koji (Tommy), Mazingerâ??s pilot, rises to the occasion and thoroughly trounces the opposition. However, during the battle, Mazinger unintentionally frees the giant demon, Siren: an old enemy of the demon-hunter superhero, Devilman. Siren frees a legion of her demon colleagues, but before they can lay waste to human civilization, Dr. Hell intervenes and takes control of them. Devilman catches wind of this unholy alliance, and in his human form as Akira Fudo, sends a warning to Koji and Mazinger Z. Dr. Hell has his sights set on Mazingerâ??s new power-up, the Jet Scrambler, and with the powers of, wellâ?ŠHELL on his side, things are looking to go in his favor. If the Earth is to be saved, Mazinger Z and Devilman must work together.

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