Meet Brewie, the World's First Fully Automated Home-Brewery

It’s pretty amazing what you can find on crowdfunding platforms, and if you’re a hipster person who loves his craft beer, then you’ll want to check out this Indiegogo project called Brewie. (I guess they couldn’t come up with a better name.)


Brewie is the world’s first fully automated home-brewery, which allows you to, well, brew your own beer in your garage, your backyard, or wherever.

However cool the concept may be – heck, you can make your own beer! – craft beer enthusiasts may turn their noses up. They know all about brewing their own beer. They study, experiment, and engage in those beer-tasting sessions.

People who will use Brewie, however, do not have to know anything about brewing. That’s why it’s called “fully automated”.

In any case, the people behind the project seem to know what they’re doing, so Brewie might stand a chance. The project has 58 days left, and it is only 35% funded, so if you want to become a home brew master (or something like that), check Brewie out on Indiegogo.

Also, watch.

P.S. I have to say Brewie looks cool.

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