MegaMan Anniversary Collection

Capcom recently released a MegaMan anniversary collection, featuring MegaMan 1 through 8 and two unlockable MegaMan Games. Right now, you can get it on Gamecube and PS2, though there appears to be one in the works for GBA as well.

Some people would ask why one would purchase this disc, when the first seven of these games are easily emulatable. Those people know nothing of retro chic.

Allow me to explain: things used to be cooler than they are now. Or, at least, thats what we tell ourselves. Especially things from our childhood. Thus, no matter how much you like City of Heroes or Unreal Tournament 2004, if you grew up with Mario, Sonic, and Megaman, you are going to have a fond place in your heart reserved for them.

For some reason, we all long for a time when things were simpler; when graphics were 8 bit, and you could only shoot your gun straight forward. And that longing is sated by a good few hours controlling a little robot with a big task.

Retro chic is not, by itself, a good enough reason for you to buy the game. See, Nintendo, for instance, is rereleasing a bunch of their classic games for the Game Boy Advance. And while I love Nintendo, this is a bullshit move. They are trying to sell me the original Final Fantasy for twenty dollars. Apart from FF1 not being all that good (compared to its sequels), one could easily fit a hell of a lot more game onto one GBA cartridge. Nintendo is trying (most likely succuessfully) to cash in on this retro chic. However, quick cost analysis will indicate that 8 (+2) MegaMan games for thirty dollars is better than 8 (+0) Classic Nintendo games for $160. So, for the anniversary collection, at least cost and sheer hours of play time are persuasive reasons.

The games are good. You already knew that though, because you probably played all or most of them. My favorite at the moment is MegaMan 3, but I haven’t really sat down with 5 through 7 yet. Just as I remember them, these games are hard (swear-every-five-minutes hard, not throw-controller-at-screen hard), and mostly test my ability to know in which order to fight the bosses.

Bonus features such as remixed music and unlockable arcade games are also a huge plus. This collection is definitely a purchase I am satisfied with, for nostalgiac and recreational purposes. I don’t know what else to say except that this game is a great way for Capcom to capitalize on my childhood.

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