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Tired of plastic models? Try Metal Earth

You don’t need to be a earth bender to create your own metal figure to display. There’s a model line that is quite literally metal that you can check out.

Most character kits may be made from plastic, but Metal Earth‘s DIY steel sheets that you just snip and bend to assemble. No glue needed, just like your usual kits, only shinier. Here are some models that caught our fancy.

RX-78-2 Gundam

The granddaddy of the Gundam franchise, which was popularized by the release of buildable plastic models, gets a metal treatment of its own. If you’re more of a Char person, then the Zaku II model suits you. But even if it doesn’t come in red, we’re sure it is 3 times faster than a regular Zaku.

Optimus Prime


While most Metal Earth models come in one color, this Optimus Prime model gets a red and blue finish in some parts. Not bad, especially when you’d consider getting the truck version too.

Golden Snitch

While some of the Metal Earth models look like blocky renditions of objects and characters, this golden snitch from Harry Potter looks like a simply perfect sphere that you wouldn’t immediately think that it is made of steel sheets!

Iron Man

This model of Tony Stark’s suite comes in full color! Because if it didn’t then it could be easily mistaken for War Machine, which you can also get bundled with Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer.

Darth Vader’s helmet

What is cooler than having the Dark Lord of the Sith’s helmet on your desk? A metal version! Aside from Darth Vader, there’s a huge collection of Star Wars Metal Earth kits that you can check out.

Space vehicles

This lunar module kit is pretty cool and channels the images of the black and white footage of the moon landing. You can also get the lunar module to complete the theme.

They pretty much have everything for every type geek

Aside from figures of famous movie and tv characters and artifacts, Metal Earth also has a number of kits on architecture, aviation. They also have models of ships, tanks, and vehicles that can cater to any type of fandom out there. These may not be as playable as the other kits out there, but the shine of these steel beauties that you can display is really something else.

So, which one do you want to get?

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