Microcosmos: Seeing the Beauty in Little Things

So many things surround us, that it is no surprise that we tend to overlook the tiny things – and I say this both literally and figuratively.  Sometimes, it takes outside influence to make us stop and enjoy these little wonders.  Microcosmos – the new edition – by Brandon Broll, is one of those outside influences that have made me stop and marvel today.

This illustrated book is filled to the brim with photographs of (literally) tiny things that we might be taking for granted.  The book features the art of the colored scanning electron micrograph (SEM), wherein the original subjects have been magnified.  The number of magnification?  Some go as “low” as 22 while others go as high as 22 million!

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store.  This is the book cover, with the technologically-inclined ant holding a microchip.  The image has been magnified 22 times.

Have you ever paid any attention to dust in your home? If you’re like me, you probably never notice it – until you get a “sudden” asthma attack. Those who border on the obsessive when it comes to cleaning would probably be able to describe dust (its properties, its effects, etc.) in detail, but I assure you, no description will come close to what Mr. Broll has captured below.

Now I dare you tell me that that isn’t awe-inspiring!  Apparently, what we see is an image of household dust containing an assortment of things including cat fur, synthetic and wool fibers, a pollen grain, plant, insect scales and an insect.  Can you identify which is which?  It’s amazing what 22 million times of magnification can do!

Here’s another image that caught my attention.  For some reason, it reminded me of StarCraft. ;)

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

This image is far from what I thought it was, though.  It actually is cigarette paper, the blue stuff being crystals that are added to the material to keep the cigarette burning once lit. At least I got the crystal part right!

For more previews, check out the article at The Daily Mail.

The new edition of the book is due to be released by Firefly Books before the end of the month.  If, like me, you want a copy when it does come out, set aside USD19.95.

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