A new fan theory suggests Mike Wheeler could well be Vecna’s first target in Stranger Things season 5.

Stranger Things hasn’t looked back since first landing on Netflix in 2016. The sci-fi TV series became a worldwide phenomenon, and catapulted some relatively unknown child actors straight into the limelight. Fast-forward seven years and fans are eagerly-anticipating the fifth and final season of the smash hit series. However, due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, the finale probably won’t arrive for another few years.

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Mike could be Vecna’s first target in Stranger Things season 5

Nevertheless, fan theories are aplenty ahead of the final season, especially given the way things finished at the end of season four. Vecna firmly established himself as the Big Bad at the end of last season, with the series’ terrifying antagonist leaving Hawkins in ruins despite being momentarily defeated.

Vecna successfully opened the gates between the Upside Down and the real world, while leaving Max comatose. The rest of the crew were left wondering what might be as they brace themselves for Vecna’s inevitable return.

One of the new theories gripping the Stranger Things fanbase is that one of the most pivotal characters of the show, Mike Wheeler, will be a prime target for Vecna in Stranger Things season 5.

(L to R) Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna in STRANGER THINGS
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Mike has been a constant thorn in Vecna’s side

Mike has been the leader of the group that has consistently messed up Vecna’s plans over the past few seasons, and so singling out Wheeler as his first target could send a message that Vecna isn’t playing around.

Essentially, Mike has been foiling Vecna’s plans without even realizing it, taking down the vast array of sinister villains and minions that have all been part of Vecna’s plans.

Another clue that Mike will be on Vecna’s radar first is that he was included in Nancy’s vision of her family dying, given to her by Vecna himself. He’s clearly made himself known to Vecna who isn’t shy about revealing his grand plan.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler and Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in STRANGER THINGS
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His relationship with Eleven could be his undoing

Furthermore, Mike is perhaps the person closest to Eleven, and given El is Vecna’s arch nemesis, the antagonist may want to deal out maximum damage by targeting El’s loved ones first. It’s hard to imagine the demise of any other character affecting El quite like Mike’s would.

Additionally, Mike may have somewhat of a redemption arc following the events of season four. Throughout season four, he frequently rushes through the California deserts mindlessly after getting worried about Eleven and not thinking about anyone else. Plus, he heart-wrenching scene between Mike and Will in the car, which left the latter crying into his hand, made Mike look rude and selfish. 

If Mike needs a redemption, what better way to save the group by pitting himself against Vecna right away. It may be futile but if it means saving everyone else, a leader like Mike might just do it for the greater good.

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