Miller all praises for Spirit stars

By Mel

Comic book legend Frank Miller is hard at work directing the big screen adaptation of The Spirit — the seminal comic book that Will Eisner created.

Miller has been gushing about his actors in his blog — and I think his praise is well placed. With actors like Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Gabriel Macht and Paz Vega, what more could a director ask for? This is going to be one ensemble movie that will surely generate a lot of buzz.

Actually, I have high hopes for the actors, what I have reservations about would be Frank Miller. I know that he is not necessarily a neophyte on the director’s chair but his co-director credit with Robert Rodriguez in Sin City is not something would rely on. For all intents and purposes, it is still mainly Rodriguez who may have helmed the movie with the help of Miller’s visual inputs (from which the whole Sin City look came from anyway). It would be interesting though to see how Miller fares on his own and with material that came from another person.

Miller takes this blog to praise the actors who are making his dreams a reality, weather in the past on the set of Sin City or currently blowing his mind in The Spirit. Here are some highlights…

“It only seems like a gift from heaven when a man strikes a hammer against chisel against stone so brutally it fills the room with sparks- revealing a figure so perfect it looks like it can breathe. It only looked like wizardry when Will Eisner slid a horsehair brush across Bristol board and created the gift to the heart and eye that is THE SPIRIT.

And it only felt like I was staring into Hell when Samuel Jackson calmly watched Denny Colt lowered into his grave.”

Miller goes on to say “Watch Stana Katic on the set for a few hours. She’ll knock your socks off with a single line and a well-placed laser-beam glint of her eye, then, between takes, she’ll grab a mike and break the crew’s heart with a torch song. Then she’ll turn back into ambitious, sexy Officer Morgenstern without breaking a sweat. “

Getting more on the topic of movie action, Miller remarks “What kind of narcissist spends a week fighting in a mud pit? Sam and Gabe did. Or suffer every demeaning death his director could think of? Louis Lombardi did.”

It is clear from this latest production blog that Miller has a kean affection for the source material and the utmost respect for his actors and crew. What more could you ask for? Click the poster to head over to the official Spirit website and keep watching for updates!

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