MMORPG's Changing the World?

By Dave

I was reading my newsfeeds for the day and stumbed across a great site that has a post about how MMORPG’s could change our world over the coming years.

With over 10 million players in various games, and growing, they are becoming their own micro-society.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games have an amazing appeal to them because you get to decide who you are and what you look like, unlike the real world.

Anyways, check out the article:

3. Someone will go to jail for stealing a Bonebiter.

You may have heard about a guy who recently was convicted of murdering a man during a dispute over a rare, valuable sword. That sword that was not made of metal or anything solid, but rather of 1’s and 0’s inside a computer hundreds of miles away. It was a sword he had won in the MMORPG Legend of Mir 3.

Insane, right? I mean, let’s say our friend John has his Bonebiter (one of countless powerful weapons in WoW) and a man steals it somehow. Should the thief be convicted of a crime and punished in the real world? Did you snort with laughter at that question? Why?

The victim worked many hours to “earn” the object. The victim used it daily and depended on it. He derived happiness and satisfaction from it. So why shouldn’t depriving him of it be punishable by law? If you say, “but it’s just something he used in a game,” I’ll say that golf is also just a game. Want to see what happens to me when I steal a new set of golf clubs?

Many other interesting and funny things are listed within the article, some I agree with, and some I don’t.

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