Modern Warfare 2's Unlimited Ammo: Crazy Insane

It’s crazy insane within Modern Warfare 2 for the XBOX 360. If you’re running private matches and all of a sudden the ammo count on your Akimbo P90’s doesn’t deplete, well well well, you’ve been hit by a virus that does exactly that — change the value of ammo count in game (ammo=1) and zeroes it back when a player leaves. Anyone who enters the match gets affected, and in turn affects others.

Everyone — and I mean everyone on the Internet is saying “this is why COD4 fails.” This is a big “I TOLD YOU SO” to IW’s decision to forego the dedicated server model and just go with client side hosting. We all know what happens when you do client side stuff right? OK fine, I take it back as this may have nothing to do with PC’s altogether. As an arrogant PC gamer, it makes me want to point out how “behind” console gaming is when it comes to first person shooters not having a dedicated server option. Case in point: I’ve been in one match where I was 2 meters away from this guy, and all of a sudden the game host changes. Awkward. There we were staring at each other as we waited for the game to restart with a new host. I won the standoff with Akimbo P90’s.

The problem has been addressed by FourZeroTwo in a patch.

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