As time gains distance from Tim Burton’s late 90s attempt at rebooting the Superman film series with the proposed Nicolas Cage film Superman Lives, the Internet gets more and more looks at the extensive pre-production work that was done before the flick was canned. Here are some goodies that underscore just how different and weird a Tim Burton Superman would have been.

Tumblr blog/fansite brings the goods today, with some incredible concept art and one intriguing maquette. Let’s take a look at some highlights, and then I’ll send you over to to see the rest.

First, take a look at this design for a drastically updated version of Superman’s red-and-blue costume. This would have been how Supes looked “regularly,” before his death at the hands of Doomsday and eventual resurrection.

'Superman Lives' concept art

Horrific, right? I mean, what are those diamond looking things covering his six-pack? Also: you don’t ever screw around with Superman’s S-shield. The next image shows what Superman would have looked like post-resurrection. It was part of Burton’s storyline that after he returns to the living, it takes a while for his superpowers to return. So while he’s waiting, he uses some Kryptonian technology from the Fortress of Solitude to “mimic” his powers, in the form of a specialized suit.

Concept art from 'Superman Lives'

Makes me think of that ridiculous X-Man named Marrow, who grows extra bones that protrude out all over her body. Thank God this movie was never made. Lastly, let’s look at the aforementioned maquette.

Maquette from 'Superman Lives'

This is the only image that doesn’t make my eyes hurt. This is a 3D model of what would have been Brainiac’s skull-shaped spaceship, which plays perfectly into Burton’s love of the macabre.

Seeing these images just makes me ever more thankful that Warner Bros. pulled the plug on this disaster-in-the-making. Head over to to see more, including a look at the Eradicator and Superman’s tomb.

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