More "Dark Knight" rumors surface...

The latest round of Bat-rumors come curtousy of Film Ick. If the rumors are true the Dark Knight universe is getting filled to the brim with Bat-villains. We already know that that we’ll be seeing The Joker as well as a cameo by The Scarecrow.

(spoiler alert)

Now (if these rumors are to be believed, anyway) it looks like Aaron Eckhart will appear in Two-Face makeup (possibly after The Joker tosses acid on his face), and Anthony Michael Hall will be appearing as Edward Nygma (who will eventually become The Riddler).

Now, these villains are in addition to the gangster villains of Marconi and Gamble.

Is it just me, or is The Dark Knight starting to sound a little packed? Regardless, Nolan an company have done the best job creating a Batman movie yet, and I have faith that they can pull all of this off…I just hope this one doesn’t end up like pretty much all the other incarnations of Batman (save The Animated Series) and focus more on the villains that the Dark Knight himself….

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