More on Spore: From TED Talks

By Dave

In March, Will Wright spoke at TED and showed off a nearly complete video of what spore is like. The video is rather short, but it is looking much more polished all the time. Can they really have so much to do that I won’t see the game for another year (or never, according to my colleague Michael)?

In a friendly, high-speed presentation, Will Wright demos his newest game, Spore, which promises to dazzle users even more than his previous masterpieces. Here Wright encourages users to create not households, as in The Sims, or cities, as in SimCity, but the entire universe, from single-celled life forms to galactic physics. While guiding us through his mesmerizing beta, Wright shares his thoughts on Montessori schools, Darwinian theory and long-term thinking, emphasizing, throughout, that Spore is not so much a game as an opportunity for discovery — “an imagination amplifier.”

I love how he approaches the reasoning behind the game, and what it could do for people. He spins it as a tool to let imaginations run wild, and I can totally see that being the case, if it ever gets in the mass consumers hands. I want this game so bad.

Check out the video on the TED website.

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