Most Desirable Gadgets From Films

One of the things I like about watching films is seeing the nifty gadgets that they showcase. Of course, when you talk gadgets and films, you tend to think of the sci-fi movies, don’t you? LG recently conducted its own survey related to movies and their gadgets. Can you guess the winners?

Pocket Lint listed the top 8 most wanted film gadgets (with a smattering of my thoughts thrown in):

1. Click remote control (23%) – Nice. I distinctly remember wishing that I had this remote control so many times in the past several months. Tough day at work? Click! Reliving memories of my recent vacation? Click! We never learn, do we? Considering that the remote control brought about disastrous results in the movie, I wonder why we still want this!

2. Back to the Future car/M.I.B. memory eraser (16%) – Memory eraser, definitely. I can’t even begin to count the situations wherein I can use this!

3. James Bond’s car (11%) – Um, it is cool but I would rather have James Bond. ;)

4. Lightsaber from Star Wars (9%) – Not really.

5. Batman’s Batmobile (8%) – I’ll pass.

6. James Bond’s watch (with laser-cutting function) (6%) – Ah, yes. It can do more than tell the time. It should be useful when I find myself alone in the city streets at night.

7. Batman’s utility belt (5%) – Pass again.

8. Inspector Gadget’s Go-Go gadget arms (4%) – I am sure I can find a use for one of the arms.

So how about you, what would your gadget of choice be?

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