Mother Geek: The Only iPad App You'll Need for Geeky Kids

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for kids. While I don’t have my own – and am unlikely to ever have – I do have more than my fair share of nephews and nieces; related by blood or friendship, it doesn’t matter. Kids seem to love me (maybe because I’m quirky like that)! ;)

So when I received an email from Josh Presnell, telling me about a project he and his wife had in the works, I knew I had to make time for it. I have to admit this is a much delayed post, but it’s still timely for any parent (or aunt/uncle) who wants to make sure that their kids have a geeky decent education.

Meet Mother Geek, the only iPad app you’ll ever need to ensure you have geeky kids.

The premise is simple that it’s brilliant. Josh and his wife, geeks to the core, obviously, have taken some of the most popular kids’ rhymes and gave them a makeover so that the content would make any geek proud.

Josh kindly gave me a redeem code for the app, so I was able to play with it and share it with my 2-year-old nephew who already sees the iPad as an inherent part of his life. (As kids of this generation do.)

From the get go, Mother Geek gives you something to look forward to.

It gives you the freedom to choose: rhymes can be read/sang out by the app, or you can and your kid can do the reading/singing. I suggest starting with the former and then doing the latter later on. Trust me, you will be doing countless repetitions – at least if your kid is anything like my adorkable nephew.

Mother Geek has 15 stories/rhymes/poems, all of which have a geeky twist. Take this example. For sure, you’re familiar with “What Are Little Boys Made Of?”; how about turning that into “Pirates Vs Ninjas”? Doesn’t that take learning fun to a whole new level?

That’s just a mere sampling, really. From zombies (yes, kids need to learn about them walkers) to halflings to gamer Mary to anime – this iPad app will definitely make sure you have a well-informed kid.

Oh, and there are Easter Eggs, which kids can discover by tapping on various elements on the screen. The illustrations are cute and attractive to kids, so it won’t be a problem to get them tapping away!

One thing I do have to say is that while I adore the graphics and Easter Eggs, the reading/singing can use some improvement. Still, the $1.99 you’ll spend on Mother Geek will give you a return worth a whole lot more than that. Trust me – I am actually not sure who had more fun, my nephew or me!

Get Mother Geek on iTunes.

Learn more about Mother Geek from the web site.

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