Before The Conjuring, There Was Annabelle

That’s the tagline in the poster I saw earlier when I went for a short walk. The billboard was humongous, and one just couldn’t ignore this face.

Since I saw that billboard in the underpass, I felt chilled to the bone. Let’s just say that horror movies and I don’t mix well, and The Conjuring was one of the first ones I actually sat through. And yes, Annabelle “bothered” me.

So, did you know that there is the movie Annabelle was released earlier this month? If not, take a look at the trailer.

Either that enticed you, or turned you off, so I won’t say what ratings the movie Annabelle has received so far. It’s too early to tell anyway.

To make things worse – at least for me – there is apparently a real Annabelle doll; and it’s Raggedy Ann. While they look totally different, it just casts a different light to the only doll I liked when I was a kid.


That just totally sucks for me.

Anyhow, who’s seen the movie Annabelle? How was it for you?

For horror fans who haven’t seen it yet, does the trailer make you want to watch it?

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