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What if Our Favourite Movie Characters Had Regular Day Jobs?

Have you ever watched a film and wondered how on earth these characters are able to afford their incredible lifestyle? Well…the guys over at Aspire Doors have.

Settling into family life with a regular 9 to 5 manufacturing his own brand of stylish doors isn’t your typical set-up for a wizarding great like Albus Dumbledore. Nor would you expect Hannibal Lecter to offer up his culinary skills as a home catering extraordinaire.

With these ordinary jobs, it’s likely they’ll need to do a bit of active promotion, and what better way to do this than with a handy business card or some conspicuous sign writing? After all, they still need to put food on the table, right?

If movie characters had day jobs…

Dumble Doors

Rustic, charming, and made using only the finest wood which has been hand-selected by Dumble Doors resident Bowtruckle. Albus Dumbledore sure knows how to add a touch of Charm to his doors and each one is Colloportus certified for the ultimate in safety standards.

Thor – Asgard’s Top Handyman

Honest, trustworthy and not too bad to look at, Thor is regarded as one of the top handymen in the region. Whether it’s a wall you need knocking down or a few picture hooks putting up, Thor can help… he can be a little heavy handed though.

Magneto Scrap Metal Collection

Not only is Magneto Scrap Metal Collection extremely eco-friendly as there’s no van required, Max Eisenhardt (or Erik as he’s lovingly known), the brains behind the set-up, is also skilled in coercion and large-scale party planning.

Hannibal’s Home Catering

Specialists in the finest cuts of rare meat, all of which are cooked to order from fresh. Their formidable and somewhat enigmatic owner, Hannibal Lecter, is a self-confessed connoisseur and only serves what he’d be willing to eat himself – and of course, it’s all washed down with a nice Chianti.

Elsa’s Fridge-Freezer Repair

Do you want to fix a freezer? Former Princess of Arendelle, Elsa, just wanted to Let It Go and try her hand at something new, so decided to set up her own refrigeration repair company. A specialist in cryokinetics, Elsa is not only an expert in refrigeration, but she’ll do it in style too. Can be a little cold to begin with.

E.T Home Telecom Solutions

Want to stay connected, no matter what the distance? Then E.T. is the answer to all your telecom problems. Specialising in bespoke Speak & Spell systems, phoning home has never been easier.

Bruce Wayne Man Caves

If you’re looking for a luxurious space to chill out away from your playboy lifestyle, then a man cave is what you need. Specialising in subterranean spaces, Bruce Wayne man caves come with their own secret entrance, extensive storage solutions, and the latest surveillance technology for added peace of mind.

This post was written by Amy, a self-confessed uber geek with a love of all things film and TV. When she’s not indulging in a bit of quality Netflix time, you’ll find her creating awesome content for Aspire Doors.

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