Movie Games: The Pros and Cons


Video games have been notoriously taking the identity of movies and transforming themselves with those characters and plots. Some people do not mind it, others find numerous flaws in it.

The very first game to come out that was based on a movie was the infamous E.T. video game. The business of making movie based games is a lucrative industry; however, throughout the years, there have been many successes and failures with some of the games that have been created. Movie games seem to be the most popular with younger children; games based on Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, and many others, have continued to do well. Generally, the problems begin when games based on movies are targeted towards older players. However; Goldeneye, based on 007, is incredibly popular, so it isn’t impossible to do. There are many pros to making a movie based game; however, there are cons that can be disastrous and end up losing money instead of making it.

The Pros

Movie revenue has relied heavily on merchandising for quite sometime. If the movie is to become incredibly popular, tying a video game with it has become a very common thing to do within the entertainment industry. It can be beneficial to create this kind of a video game because the players enjoy entering into a fantasy world with characters they are familiar with. If it is done properly, the story of the game-world can be huge. It could be bigger than the story in the Elder Scrolls Online which have a very long expansion. Players will enjoy being able to have control over the actors and see things that match what would be in the movie, but weren’t in it. If the video game is done correctly, it will spread the word about the movie, and bring in a large profit. Players will immerse themselves in the game because they will have control over their favorite movies.

The Cons

Things can really go down hill when the developer produces a very poor game, which has often been done. Sometimes the world is created horribly and fans will despise the developer for this, and it will tarnish the image of the movie. This is also true if the developer doesn’t produce a good story line for the video game, or if each level is pointless and has no sensible progression. Fans can become vicious when their favorite movies or books contain even the slightest flaw when represented by a video game. Breaking immersion can also become a huge problem. Gamers do not want to be in the middle of a game, only for a glitch to happen, and ruin everything. When developers create a game, they need to be sure that every flaw is fixed, and they need to take their time creating the game and perfecting it. If they do not, they could potentially lose millions in creating the video game, and not make any money back. So, it is important for a developer to take their time and get it right the first time around.

Understanding that timing is everything when creating a movie based game, is important. If a developer wants to have success with in the movie game industry, they need to be sure not to release it with poor design and a lack luster game with a boring storyline. If everything is handle correctly, and the story has a great storyline, it can be a great thing. The profit it could pull in can be incredibly large.

Scott Campbell has been writing articles and game guides, mostly MMORPGs, for more than 5 years. He is planing to write the Elder Scrolls Online for which should be finished next year. Please visit here to view his full profile and guides in the past.

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