Movie Lovers, Cinelinx Is Your New Favorite Card Game.

The fine film buffs over at movie website Cinelinx banded together to make the world a better and awesomer place by creating a card game especially for movie lovers. Aptly named Cinelinx is a card game that’s perfect for groups of 2-6 players that watch and love a lot of films. It’s designed to be easily accessible to film fans of different degrees so don’t be afraid to play if you’re only a casual movie lover. No matter your skill level, you’re bound to have fun.

Cinelinx has something for everyone who’s a movie fan. The game gets much more fun the more you and your friends know (or claim to know) about movies so feel free to bust out all the obscure movie knowledge you’ve been hoarding over the years. It’s time to put it to good use. Heck, it’s time to actually put it to any use!

What Do You Get?

When you get the Cinelinx game, you’ll find a set of 220 cards that have either movie titles, actors names, directors names, movie quotes, film scenes, or film genres on them. The whole point of the card game is to play the hand you’re dealt by making connections between the cards already in play.

It doesn’t stop there. There are also Double Feature Cards, Wild Cards, and Director’s Cut cards added to the mix so the game is always exciting and challenging for any player.

How To Play Cinelink

There are two main ways to play Cinelinx. An image with the standard play instructions are found below, but if you want to compete in a Tournament style, then you can find instructions for that packaged in the game.

The Expansions

As of this writing, the game comes with a Red Band expansion pack that you can get if you pledge at least $25, and the creators plan to make more. (Cinema Greats! Superheroes! Horror films! Sci-fi! Yes, the exclamation points are absolutely necessary. We’re that pumped up.)

We bet you’re pretty excited right now so why are you still here? Hop on over to Cinelinx’s Kickstarter page!

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