Movie Posters, If Video Games Were Movies

Video games will always have haters, those who think they incite violence and all sorts of other negative reactions in those who play them regularly. However, we can go beyond that and simply enjoy what our favorite video games have to offer, can’t we?

And when it comes to video game enthusiasts, the fun does not stop at playing. Take ron-guyatt, an artist who showcases his work at deviantart.

He has come up with countless posters, some of which feature the most loved video games. I am not sure he actually meant to portray his work as movie posters, but one can easily extrapolate.

What if video games were actually movies? It’s not like movies based on video games have not been made anyway. I think that you will agree with me that ron-guyatt’s work can hold their own against many movie posters that we see today. Take a look for yourself.

This one’s of Portal. The poster’s dimensions: 13×19.


This baby took the artist 32 hours to complete using Photoshop CS4 and self-made photographic textures.

I love this classic Sim City poster, if only because I spent days and days (and days) playing the game way back when…

Sim City

I don’t know about you, but I think those sims would not say no to having a movie made about them!

No idea what the plot for a Tetris movie would be like, but this movie poster will not fail to catch one’s eye.


It’s cool how the artist incorporated bits of the game’s history, don’t you think?

Now I’ve never played Fallout 3, but I would definitely give the movie a shot if the poster were like this.

Fallout 3

Your favorite video game not up there? Check out the rest of ron-guyatt’s work and ask him to make something for you. I am sure that will be a nice present for yourself!

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