Movies That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby

Movies provide a way to discover different worlds and live different lives vicariously.

Blah blah blah.

Seriously, we watch movies for a variety of reasons depending on our mood. There are times when we want to watch something stupid that doesn’t require brain cells. There are times when we want to watch testosterone overloaded movies. And there are times when we want movies that have profound themes.

But have you ever intentionally watched movies that will make you cry?

Whatever your answer to that may be, there are movies that, on the surface, don’t really seem to be the type that require a box (or two) of tissue beside you as you watch. However, when you do watch these movies, you’ll find yourself bawling like a baby. Or if you’re the more discreet type (and watches movies with other people), maybe you’ll find yourself carefully dabbing at the tears streaming down your cheeks all the while pretending that you’re totally okay.

Check out these movies that will make you cry. And yes, I’m writing out of personal experience.

[Note: I’m pretty sure there are no spoilers.]

Dancer in the Dark

Anyone familiar with Lars von Trier’s work would know that this movie is a mindf#ck – in one way or another. But I think anyone can be forgiven if he doesn’t know what hit him while watching the movie.

Set in 1964, the movie tells the story of Selma (Bjork) who moves to the US from Central Europe. Selma and her son suffer from the same disease, which eventually renders them blind.

There’s drama potential in those two lines alone, isn’t there? But watch the movie, and you’ll find just how good von Trier is. I swear, I never cried that hard (and almost non-stop throughout the movie) while watching a movie. You’ve been warned.

The Magic of Belle Isle

This movie caught me off guard as well, and it comes a close second to Dancer in the Dark.

The Magic of Belle Isle will tug at the heartstrings of writers and creatives, washed out people who used to be successful, and people who are generally tired of life.

There is a huge difference in the reason this movie makes you cry and why Dancer in the Dark makes you cry. Why don’t you watch both to find out the difference?

Trust me, it’s worth your time.


The ultimate underdog story, Rudy has made many a grown man cry.

Football. Testosterone overload. Butt-slapping.

Then comes a runt of a guy named Rudy who only has one dream: to play for his college football team and overcome the odds.

See where this is headed? When you watch the movie, make sure you finish it; and that’s all I’m going to say.

Meet Joe Black

Okay, I admit Meet Joe Black wasn’t a great movie. Serious movie buffs would be turning their noses up right about now. But the family bond plus a bit of mystical element will make you shed tears. Unless you’re a stonecold B.

Oh, and Anthony Hopkins.


Talk about old school. Young ones may not recognize the name Bette Midler, but she’ll make you cry. Oh she will.

I have to warn you, though, that it has that chick flickish feel to it, so if you won’t touch this genre with a 12-foot pole, then you might want to give it a pass. But if you want a heartwarming, tear-inducing tale of friendship, then go for it!

So you may think I’m a crybaby because of my choices. Sue me. You’ll change your mind once you watch these movies.

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