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Remember how GIF ((Graphics Interchange Format (GIF))) animated icons used to be all that in the early days of internet? Then they became the bane of the internet. Even in these days I have had clients requesting to use GIF images on their website. Big and blinking still are the big no no that some people want.

Photographer Jamie Beck has taken the GIF format and redeemed it completely with his photography work. Moving photographs, wherein a photography scene, one subject is repeatedly moving at a normal pace. When I see his photographs it makes me think, genius and why no one thought about it before.

The fact that Jamie carefully chooses which object will be moving makes the moving photo stay classic. It is not some random animated image that drives you nuts.

Meet me at the bar

This photo is so subtle done that I missed the moving object the first time I saw it. It is really well done, and gives the photo life and it brings up emotions. My favorite one of all so far.

The never ending commute

Feels like a scene from a noir detective video game.

Man reading a newspaper

View more photos on Jamie’s site, they are not under one category, so I’m listing some here:

It’s time to hit the town…
Evening is coming in Savannah
Have an adventurous weekend
Gone with the wind
Have a great date night everybody!

I don’t own a digital photo frame, so I don’t know much if anything about them. But it would be cool if you have a few hanging on the walls with moving photographs in them. Totally modern time technology supported art or Harry Potter magic if you will.

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