'Mr. Elastic' turns feet backwards trying to set two Guinness World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records contains many odd claims to fame.  It’s a fascinating book to flip through, discovering the bizarre side of humanity.  One man, 49-year-old Moses Lanham Jr., wants to his name add to the book by setting not one, but two, world records.

Calling himself  “Mr. Elastic,” Lanham has the super? ability to rotate his feet 120° backwards.  Using his unique gift, he plans on heading to Rome hoping to capture two Guinness World Records, the first for the taking the longest walk with one’s feet backwards.  The second record will find Lanham attempting to claim the title of fastest 20 meter walk with one’s feet turned backward.

Lanham hopes to make set the second record by walking 20 meters, feet backwards, in 30 seconds or less.

“Mr. Elastic” happened upon his feat (pun intended) following an accident.  According to Lanham:

“When he was 14, he fell from a rope in gym class, landing in what everyone initially thought was a terrifying position, until he stood up, unharmed.”

Lanham indicates rotating his feet backwards is not only pain-free, but requires no warm-up and is more comfortable than walking with his feet in the position the vast majority of humanity employs.

Doctors examining Lanham have discovered that his feet can do what they do thanks to a genetic abnormality whereby he was born with extra tissues and cartilage in his legs and joints. The additions to Lanham’s body gives him the ability to rotate his ankles, hips and knees in extreme angles, while still providing adequate support for his body.

Should you enjoy watching Lanham’s attempt at setting two Guinness World Records, the segment is set to air in Italy on March 30.

Are you fascinated by those able to set Guinness World Records?  Would you ever attempt to set one yourself and if so, what record(s) would you like added to your list of accomplishments?


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