Mr. Robot, a New Sci-fi Show About the Times

Mr. Robot is a tech thriller that takes fantastic liberties with the real world. But as far-fetched as the plot elements of this one are, they never seem totally outside of the realm of possibility. Let me explain. Mr. Robot plays on the idea that the world is run by an elite Illuminati style group. But instead of wearing robes and using magic, this group (“the 1% of the 1%”) uses money and technology to play God (“without permission”).

Mr. Robot is about Elliot, played by Rami Malek. Elliot is a young computer programmer. He works cyber-security for his day job for a big corporate entity, but he is a hacker vigilante when not on the clock. Elliot discovers a lot about the way the world actually works from the stuff he learns as a hacker. Eventually, he meets the leader of an underground hacker network (played by Christian Slater). The group convinces them to help them destroy the corporate he works for, using his skills with cyber security and hacking.

Elliot doesn’t need any convincing that the world would be better off without the network of multinational CEOs that he believes are running the show. What follows is a tense thriller of cat and mouse, where those roles keep changing. Mr. Robot was produced by one of the guys who did True Detective, which is a show that I very much enjoyed.

Mr. Robot is a relevant show for the world we live in today. With more wealth disparity in America than in any other country in the world (or in history), with constant news of government information tapping, with Snowden and Assange having changed the world we live it, and with many people desiring a big change, USA’s Mr. Robot could be the canvas on which we project our own paranoid emotions.

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