MS Girls

By Nopy

Are you a Gundam fan? Do you like anime girls? Have you ever wondered what a Mobile Suit Girl would look like? No, I’m not talking about the likes of Lacus Clyne or those female pilots that never seem to die, but an actual MS Girl. Imagine if you could combine the coolness of a giant robot with the cuteness of an anime girl, you’d end up with something pretty amazing, in more ways than one. Luckily for those of us that lack any imagination, there are already tons of MS Girls out there that have been drawn up from the imaginations of various artists.

Mobile suits are already in a humanoid form, so it’s not that difficult to turn them into anime girls. All you really need to do is replace that cold stare with a pretty face, make the torso curvy rather than pointy, and replace those bulky fingers with slender ones. Leave on the armor (except maybe around the midsection), weapons, and accessories, and BAM you’ve got yourself a MS Girl.

You can find MS Girl versions of almost every major Gundam out there, even some of the less popular mobile suits will have some artwork dedicated to them. This is thanks to artists like Eiji Komatsu (aka CO2A) who have been rather prolific when it comes to combining girl and machine. For anyone interested in more general machines, go search up mecha musume. You’ll find not only MS Girls, but fighter jet, tank, submarine, battleship, and even missile girls.

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