MSN on iPhone? Use a generic IM app and keep Microsoft off your handset!

By andy

I hold my hands up and admit it: I don’t keep Microsoft software on my Mac.

I succumbed for a short while and used a crappy outdated version of Microsoft Office on an old iBook I’d inherited, but other than that I’m MS free.

I’m glad Microsoft shunned the Mac when it comes to browsers — the last version of Internet Explorer I used on a Mac was so appalling it made me cry.

Depending on what mood I’m in when people send me Excel and Word documents, I’ll either tell them to send a PDF or I’ll just open it up in Google Docs.

My Mac has no trace of Redmond-based trash on it, so why on earth would I want my iPhone littered with it?

OK, I did install Seadragon Mobile but, quite honestly… what the hell is all that about? Nice concept, maybe, but it never worked.

Microsoft has a grand total of two applications in the app store, and that’s a couple too many as far as I’m concerned.

Now there are rumours of Microsoft bringing MSN to the iPhone. (Yes, I know that article uses the word “confirmed” but it also uses the phrase “sources close to” which in my world means it’s still speculation)

That’s not all, either. A whole host of Windows Live apps could be winging their way to the iPhone in 2010.

Microsoft might herald the wonder of its Windows Mobile operating systems (of which there are two versions — typical Microsoft simplicity…) but it still wants a big slice of Apple pie.

If I really want to IM on MSN, I can use a third-party app. After all, “there’s an app for just about anything” — and it’s already been developed by someone who isn’t Microsoft.

Hey, I never said I hated Microsoft, OK? (I can tell you don’t believe me).

Anyway, do you let Microsoft near your Apple products?

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