Muggle Recipes for Butterbeer

It seems like part two of the final Harry Potter installment truly nailed this series as the ‘Star Wars’ of this generation. Save in this case the books came prior to the big screen. You know when something hits mainstream when the fanfare cocktail gets served in homes around the world. Of course, we’re talking about Butterbeer, that enchanting non-alcoholic drink served at Hogsmeade in the wizarding universe of Harry Potter. The drink reference is made several times in the books, but rarely shown in the movie series. Though the name definitely suggests the use of an alcoholic beverage and butter to create this drink, there is nothing alcoholic about it, nor is there butter. Although butterscotch, yes as we find out the many muggle recipes that litter the Internet.

There’s a decent number of butterbeer recipes which you can find here with the following results.

The base of butterbeer is cream soda. In fact, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can actually consider naked Cream Soda to be the light version of the drink. Together with the fizz of cream soda is butterscotch — or anything that emulates a butterscotch flavor. The more natural, the better of course. You can make it yourself.

The entire process of churning out a batch of butterbeer from scratch could take you roughly 40 minutes, but this involves mostly the wait of melting brown sugar in a large saucepan then combining the ingredients — together with the carbonated drink afterwards. Then of course there’s the option of serving it spiked with a bit of rhum to complement the caramel flavor, serving it ice blended, or serving as is, chilled.

Note that this drink is heavily laden with sugar and can really give you that all time high (and crash) that you may not want. A serving of cream soda contains over 120 calories and depending on your mixture, the butterscotch can contain 50 to 70 calories per serving. That’s nearly 200 calories for one serving of butterbeer.

But well, if you’re doing that 8-movie marathon in the next several years with your kids, having a real tankard of butterbeer can make family movie nights very pleasant.

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