My Monopoly Game is Better Than Yours: 18 Homemade Monopoly Board Games

Think you’re a board game geek? You’ve got nothing on the Monopoly geeks who made their own incredible homemade board games.

Along with each board, we’ve included a sampling of the kinds of game spaces used. Click the images to see larger-scale versions, but in most cases, if you follow the artist’s link, you’ll find even bigger versions that can be used to print out and create your own real-life board.

Awesome homemade Monopoly board games

Alex Ross (JLA) Monopoly

Made by: Tony Gonzales
Instead of Chance & Community Chest: The Bat Computer & The Daily Planet
Instead of Railroads: #1 comic book issues
Instead of Boardwalk: Superman’s Super-Strength power

Back to the Future Monopoly

Made by: LordDavid04
Chance & Community Chest: “Outtatime” and “A Letter for Me?” cards
Railroads: Hill Valley Courthouse
Boardwalk: “Blast From the Past” store

Biopoly (BioShock Monpoly)

Made by: Tyler DeVogel
Chance & Community Chest: Adam & Eve
Railroads: Bathyspheres
Boardwalk: Little Wonders

Doctor Who Monopoly

Made by: Ray Friesen
Chance & Community Chest: Exterminate or Regenerate cards
Railroads: Enemies of the Doctor (Daleks, Cybermen, The Master, & Sontarans)
Boardwalk: Gallifrey

Fallout Monopoly

Made by: Elisabeth Redel
Chance & Community Chest: Nuka Cola cards
Railroads: Metro Stations
Boardwalk: Pennsylvania Avenue

Grand Theft Auto Monopoly

Made by: LordDavid04
Instead of Chance & Community Chest: Mission Orders & Police Bribes
Instead of Railroads: Airports
Instead of Boardwalk: Algonquin

Harry Potter Monopoly

Made by: Megan Hodgson
Chance & Community Chest: Spells & Potions
Railroads: Houses
Boardwalk: Hogwarts

Jurassic Park Monopoly

Made by: Norman Eschenfelder
Chance & Community Chest: Ian Malcolm & Alan Grant
Railroads: Docks & Ports
Boardwalk: Safari Lodge

Kingdom Hearts Monopoly

Made by: Tony Gonzales
Chance & Community Chest: Heartless & Nobodies
Railroads: Drive Forms
Boardwalk: Sora

Avatar: The Last Airbender Monopoly

Made by: mushroom22
Chance & Community Chest: Characters & Locations
Railroads: Temples
Boardwalk: Wulong Forest

My Little Pony Monopoly

Made by: sup3rgh0st
Chance & Community Chest: The Friendship Express
Railroads: Friendship Express
Boardwalk: Canterlot

The Real Ghostbusters Monopoly

Made by: Tony Gonzales
Chance & Community Chest: Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II movie posters
Railroads: Ghostbuster tools (Proton Pack, Ghost Trap, etc.)
Boardwalk: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Scott Pilgrim Monopoly

Made by: Sara Duff
Chance & Community Chest: Love & Self Respect
Railroads: Concert venues
Boardwalk: Chaos Theater Toronto

Teen Titans Monopoly

Made by: StarfireG
Chance & Community Chest: Trouble cards & Titan Communicators
Railroads: Hero Vehicles
Boardwalk: Titans Tower

Video Games Monopoly

Made by: Log1ck
Chance & Community Chest: Alchemy & Zelda
Railroads: Video game publishers (Activision, Capcom, EA, & Nintendo)
Boardwalk: Mushroom Kingdom

WarCraft Monopoly

Made by: Tony Gonzales
Chance & Community Chest: Horde & Alliance
Railroads: Mounts
Boardwalk: Icecrown

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly

Made by: Jninja5792
Chance & Community Chest: Empty Bottle & Treasure Chest
Railroads: Light Spirits
Boardwalk: Hyrule Castle

Zombies Monopoly

Made by: GunknJunk
Chance & Community Chest: Grave & Zombie
Railroads: Graveyards
Boardwalk: Zombieland

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