N3ON City Rumble – The World’s First Beat-em-up Card Game

Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, classic beat ’em-up games from the 80’s and 90’s. These were games set in dystopian cities where everything was lit up in neon, no side-alley was safe to go down at night due to knife wielding punks with strange piercings and justice was served by vigilantes often sporting tight denim, white tees and head-bands.

Davy Wagnarok has been a fan of these games and card games since he was a kid and has decided to fuse the two genres together to make the world’s first ever beat ’em-up card game ‘N3on City Rumble’ a labor of love that he’s already put over 8 months of work into and is his first ever card game.

“Where did all the beat ’em-up arcade games go?” – Davy Wagnarok creator N3on City Rumble

What’s the game about?

N30N City RUMBLE is a hardcore dueling card game for 2 players. The game is set in a fused 80’s-90’s pop-culture/dystopian city, swathed in radioactive waste and neon lights. Combat features 50+ unique items to use, inspired by classic beat em’ up videogames. There are 20 fighters to choose from, each brandishing three unique super moves, martial arts, and weapon specialties. Victory is reached when a player defeats all of the opponent’s fighters.

The game is very visual and has some amazing artwork and graphics all in the classic arcade style.

The pledge to get yourself a full deck of the cards comes in at $29 USD , the best pledge level has got to be the ‘Sucker Punch’ level at $125 USD where Davy will take a picture of you pulling a ‘getting punched’ face and put it into one of the cards.

So far the game is only at 60% with 8 days to go so needs some love from the gaming community if it’s going to hit it’s target

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