Win a 3-Month Subscription From Narwhal Bacon Box and Receive Geeky Surprises Monthly!

They got me at Narwhal! Or Bacon. Both, actually. One can’t ask for a better combination. Unless it’s unicorn and bacon perhaps.

But since the narwhal is the unicorn of the sea…

I’ll stop myself right here before I get carried away, and get to the point.

What is Narwhal Bacon Box?

You may have heard of themed “surprise boxes”, which work on a subscription basis. The setup is that the provider puts together select items covered by their niche/theme, which they then deliver to your doorstep every month.

With this setup becoming quite popular these days, what makes Narwhal Bacon Box different?

Read the name again. D’oh.

Seriously, though, Narwhal Bacon Box packs the geekiest, wackiest, and coolest items you’ll find.

Honest to goodness geeks and nerds come up with the theme and items, so you know you will always be in for one heck of an unboxing. Reddit-inspired, by the way.

Check out last month’s theme, which was reddit startups.

Words not enough? We’re more than happy to oblige to show you the visuals. But don’t blame us if you envy those who got the box.

Here’s more of Narwhal Bacon Box on the Internet so you can stalk them and see what they’re up to.

How do you get a Narwhal Bacon Box?

It’s easy as subscribing to any service. Visit the Narwhal Bacon Box web site to get started. Here’s a quick look at the pricing to give you a better idea of your choices.

Love the idea but a little strapped for cash right now? Well, the boxes are not going anywhere, and there will always be a new theme for the month, so that’s all right – if you can be patient.

We’ll make it easier for you, though.

The Narwhal Bacon Box Givaway

Of course, we want you to have a taste of the exquisite thing called Narwhal Bacon. (Can you imagine how that would taste? Scrap that. The mere fact that I thought of narwhal as food makes me feel like a monster. Maybe narwhal “fairy dust” will work…)

The Narwhal Bacon Box guys also want to give you an experience you’ll never forget, so we’ve partnered up to give away a three-month subscription to a lucky ForeverGeek reader. That’s almost a $100 worth of unrivaled geekiness!

This month’s theme is “kickstarter darlings”, and it’s what it says on the tin. You get a boxful of surprises from community-funded fun stuff.

I bet you’re itching to get this box, so let’s do this!


  • The giveaway is open to US residents only.
  • The giveaway starts today, August 10. It ends on August 16.
  • The winner will be announced on August 17.
  • The August box will be shipped on August 19, so make sure you reply at once if you win.

Remember, you can tweet once every day to get more entries. Here we go!

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