Need a Life? Go to The Library

If you’ve noticed that people seem to keep telling you to GAFL because all you do is troll the Internet, and you might be feeling the need to actually go and see what having a life is all about, then you’ll be happy to know about the latest trend in the Los Angeles nightlife scene. Bars PLUS books. Can it get any better?

That’s what’s considered cool these days in LA, according to the guys over at Styleture. ((Source: Styleture)) They recently featured some bars which feature the perfect theme – libraries!

Bookworms who might otherwise feel “a bit” uncomfortable in your run-of-the-mill bar will definitely feel at home in these lounges. Instead lighting fixtures that will make your head hurt, you can bask in the relaxing library-like setting. Instead of flashy wall decor, you will be greeted with welcoming shelves filled with books; and the books are real, too!

The Wellsbourne is one of the bars that is offering this new experience. Doesn’t that look beautiful?

From what I have read, ((Yes, I am living THIS bar life vicariously.)) the seats are ultra comfortable. The management has also put a lot of attention to detail – down to the checks (or bills) that come in the form of miniature novels.

Another beautiful place is The Library Bar.

Now tell me that won’t entice you to go out for a night of socializing? Heck, you do not even have to socialize for real. In my book, just going to a place like that and enjoying your drink is enough to be labeled as someone having a life! ((Then again, I may not be the best judge of this.))

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Needless to say, this is one of the trends that I don’t mind, and I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the conversation you’ll have in these bars will be lightyears more stimulating than those you’ll find in other bars.  Bet?

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