Darker, Bloodier: What You Need to Know About Samurai Jack Final Season

Got to get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack. If you are one of the millions who ADORED this show (like all of us here at ForeverGeek) the theme song plays in your head anytime you think about the cult hit TV show, and then you begin thinking about that very quandary they sung about and how Samurai Jack never got the final season he deserved and never got to finish his storyline. Samurai Jack never got back to the past! Alas, as many of you know by now, by some insane miracle, there is going to be a final season of Samurai Jack after-all, and although it will only be a mini-season, it WILL tell the definitive ending to this amazing, time-spanning tale. Thing is, if you go into season five of Samurai Jack expecting the same old Jack, you don’t know Jack. Things are taking a darker turn this time ’round:

First of all, do not expect the show to pick up where season four left off. Such will not be the case this time around. As oppose to picking up where the show ended, we are jumping much further down the timeline to witness a more angry, driven (and more bearded) Jack, still seeking out Aku to make things right and return him to his own time period, which he seems to have less and less in common with as time has progressed. Come to think of it, a perfect example is Kratos’ new look and feel for God of War (reboot-sequel?) for PS4.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ_GCPaKywg&w=640&h=360]

Yes, it is kinda like that! There is also a network leap (from Cartoon Network to Adult Swim) which is going to allow for more, shall we say, leniency towards violence and such. This wont be a Michael bay directed Samurai jack, but do expect a tonally more intense storyline with more blood shed by the time Jack does or doesn’t find his way back to the past.

See, the great part is, Jack has grown and aged and so has his fans (which creator Genndy Tartakovsky is aware of) which means the new darker tone is for us and not kids, which makes it even cooler, as none of us are kids anymore (if we grew up on this show).

Welcome back, Jack. We missed you. And we have a few more scars and a few more beards this time around, too.

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