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Need Workout Inspiration? These Geeky Fitness Shirts Ought To Fire You Up!

We’re all contributing to the fight against COVID-19 one way or another, especially if you’ve upheld the noble (yet boring) task of staying under quarantine. One does need to stay healthy during times like these and the best way to do that is none other than good old-fashioned physical activity. We do understand if you’re feeling too bummed out to do that, which is why we recommend taking a look at these geeky fitness shirts!

Because when you’re a geek and under quarantine, you’re usual choice to spend the day is for geeky stuff. That’s why combining them with the appropriate workout gear can make a huge difference in your mindset. Thankfully, a lot of fictional characters and fandoms allow for such… flexibility. Hence, we have three offerings for you when it comes to geeky fitness shirts.

The first one is from Futurama with Zapp Brannigan being his usual sleazy self. He is painted suggestively on the shirt with a highly recognizable pop culture reference borne out of one of the Futurama episodes involving giant alien Amazons and their unusual preference for uh, torture. The shirt costs only $20.

The second design is something anyone who does weightlifting and likes Harley Quinn can relate to. It’s a t-shirt with her doing an intense squat with the caption “Suicide Squat” because that’s really how it feels like when you overestimate your leg muscles. This one also goes for $20.

Last but not least, we have something worthy of Jeff Goldblum’s sweaty abs– a shirt called “Jurasix Pack.” It features none other than a T-Rex doing dumbbell curls because why not! It also costs $20 only.

All shirts come in many different colors and range from sizes small to 6XL. Oh, and they’re all under a 20 percent sale and used to cost $25, grab them before this promo ends!

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